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Mathias Martin
Mathias Martin 5 timer siden
fifa 21 is a crap game, nothin g out off packs ever, nothing sells on transfer, fucking scripted game, its sad to see that EA dropped even more in the shame way
Gagan-Veer Singh
Gagan-Veer Singh 6 timer siden
Who did you guys pack I will start: totw neuer record breaker oscar and falcao
Fattlad Games
Fattlad Games 6 timer siden
You are in denial lad
ashton cap
ashton cap 6 timer siden
can anybody explain why cavani still doesnt have his card on fut?...
carl lund
carl lund 6 timer siden
I got gatusso
striker045 6 timer siden
Pandev was a legend in the video game uefa euro 08
Jaywozere 7 timer siden
You look like a sniff addict
Sean Mcleod
Sean Mcleod 7 timer siden
My mate said he did 20+ of these and didn’t get a single walkout. I did 5 and got kdb vvd and handanovic. The sbc is so worth it
iAm Robin05
iAm Robin05 7 timer siden
Does anyone knows what that Cantona thing is? That featured battles thing?
iAm Robin05
iAm Robin05 7 timer siden
Does anyone knows what that Cantona thing is? That featured battles thing?
Absolutely Humungous
Absolutely Humungous 8 timer siden
Bro how old do you think your viewer base is 😂
Robbie Watson
Robbie Watson 8 timer siden
What was that speaker called again?
Wills Ponter 2
Wills Ponter 2 8 timer siden
i predicted it on twitter loool
Lux Brx
Lux Brx 8 timer siden
I did like 15 current totw sbcs and got Rashford, Ben Yedder and Mane
Ben Andrews
Ben Andrews 8 timer siden
But can his dog pack mary
Maxy Moo Gaming
Maxy Moo Gaming 8 timer siden
Honestly I think I’m feeling bare lucky for my red Rashford from that premium upgrade :// looks like everyone is getting trash from it :////
JKR R6 9 timer siden
i got eto lets go mad dub
Patrick Mee
Patrick Mee 9 timer siden
Fifa myth cavani is not in fifa 21
Rossfaa 9 timer siden
I’m 14 and I’m a gold 1 player.
Alex Ibrahim
Alex Ibrahim 9 timer siden
How are 85 rated players a dub?
Meister Ip
Meister Ip 9 timer siden
How long can i still draw the cards?
Music Maker
Music Maker 9 timer siden
1:14 you pronounce his name so funny😂
Charlie R
Charlie R 9 timer siden
I'm div 6 on FIFA when I'm 14 (FIFA 21)
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith 9 timer siden
My guy lookin like he lacking sleep
ToXiC_ callum
ToXiC_ callum 9 timer siden
Fifa myth: no player has had 5 or more of it's base stats than it's rating
Praise Sync
Praise Sync 9 timer siden
Got a good myth for you if you check Batesons last video with the new 75k packs about 8 minutes in he pulls both versions or Ruben Dias from Man City
Cristiano Claro
Cristiano Claro 9 timer siden
I’m 14 and finish gold 1
Goldmario7 10 timer siden
Matt fifa myth: in squad battles get the ball to the goalkeeper and nobody will come to you
Goldmario7 10 timer siden
like the fake shot glitch
Craig 420
Craig 420 10 timer siden
Players Not getting income from ea jesus they need to get a grip look at the money they are making theres people out there dying that dont even get a percent off what the players are making it's a joke but tbf I can understand if its lower tier players that aren't paid as much but cmon here it's the massive players that are complaining crazy haha
Zlpokane2006zl 10 timer siden
0:25 my little sister hasn’t lost yet in fut champs IN ALL YEARS COMBINED
Buitruong Hang
Buitruong Hang 10 timer siden
Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray 10 timer siden
i packed ramos in current totw sbc pack
Knuckleball Twins
Knuckleball Twins 10 timer siden
Can’t keep up with this promo from EA... that’s rare 😳😂
MattHDGamer 6 timer siden
Madness ha
Eesa Amujee
Eesa Amujee 10 timer siden
Packed sancho in a mega pack and then mbappe the pack straight after
Wilson 15
Wilson 15 11 timer siden
Want to know who I got? Laudrup... I got laudrup... doesn’t even make my bench. Can’t believe it
Gido Jordan
Gido Jordan 11 timer siden
I got Litmanen
ben ivanecky
ben ivanecky 11 timer siden
Packed Falco and though he wouldn’t be great, but honestly his heading and jumping really make him a complete finisher. Actually really happy with his card
yung gravity123
yung gravity123 11 timer siden
6:20 this guys fifa knowledge is dreadful
james masterman
james masterman 11 timer siden
Pls like this comment plsssssss 👋👋 and hi
krokicha 111
krokicha 111 11 timer siden
Elite lll
Leon Dembeck
Leon Dembeck 12 timer siden
I got paul scholes...
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 12 timer siden
Let's be honest Something's wrong with those ratings
JayyLowe 13 timer siden
Panasonic Sound Slayer
Miza Cole
Miza Cole 13 timer siden
I opened one 100k pack and got sancho and joe gomez
Josh Ley
Josh Ley 13 timer siden
Spent my entire stack. 3 x125k packs, 2 100k packs. I got absolutely nothing, immobile was the best by far. Opened two that packs that didn't even have a board, save your money these money robbing bastards won't give you anything back. And please never ever ever use real money! Just use your coins if you must
grAp1ano 13 timer siden
At 14 I had something like 10/30 in each wl
Drag0nEmp0rer Gaming
Drag0nEmp0rer Gaming 13 timer siden
Bro you lowkey sound like John on the radio
DB Shutters
DB Shutters 14 timer siden
You can’t get baby Eusebio who’s worth 5 mil in a small electrum pack, oh no guess i did😁
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 14 timer siden
If there was fut champs in fifa 14 I would go atleast 27-3 every week
Joseph Alan
Joseph Alan 14 timer siden
My guy had my pack luck 😂😂
Nick Lee
Nick Lee 15 timer siden
Finally FiFA going to become a down fall cuz off their greedy ass 🙏🏽
Nothing nothinG
Nothing nothinG 15 timer siden
0:16 I doubt the first myth happened, someone must’ve opened a bronze pack and left Ronaldo and Mbappe in the transfer list, remove the bronze cards and then dragged Ronaldo and Mbappe there to make it look realistic, because whys the myth way too accurate and it “happened” , if they literally did pack this though, amazing shit to them, congrats 🤝
Oliver Badir
Oliver Badir 16 timer siden
julian berg got his hand stuck in a fence. he had so many stitches and his hand was a bit paralyzed. talk about comebacks
ZioDio 16 timer siden
Ibra literally held up his card, i love Zlatan but he’s just being a hypocrite here
Imcracked 16 timer siden
why didn't lewindoski get a record breaker?
Ben Harkerss
Ben Harkerss 16 timer siden
same thing happened to me walkout but ended up being thiago silva 85 cb 6:35
Skinny P
Skinny P 16 timer siden
This is why we probably lost Juventus because all that money is going to David beckham it’s so ridiculous....
Uchicha Iobito
Uchicha Iobito 16 timer siden
84 and 85 ucl rare is walkout matt
MXD 21
MXD 21 16 timer siden
Safonso 16 timer siden
Talk about the Custom Tournament crash bug!! In Fifa 20...and now in Fifa 21!! The same bug!!! EA just want to sell FIFA Points!! This game is garbage!!
Viddy 16 timer siden
0:56 Rules breakers lmfao
Muhannad Antar
Muhannad Antar 16 timer siden
You really need to shave 🪒
Gary Pugh
Gary Pugh 17 timer siden
Sound slayer looks rubbish....what a sell out you are
Steven Ferrier
Steven Ferrier 17 timer siden
No spfl dundee united badge or stadium items, every other spell team has this
Marty23 17 timer siden
Immersive, power sonic sound stayer count?